Tuba Dilay Unal

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Sciatic hernia is a rare condition and its clinical diagnosis is uneasy. Herniation of pelvic organs as well as of retroperitoneal neoplasm has been reported in the literature. Sciatica occurs as a result of compression of the sciatic nerve by the herniated sac. We present a case of retroperitoneal lipoma in a patient who had lower leg complaint and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate cytogenetic damage of radiotherapy (RT) and chemoradiotherapy (CRT) in long-term head and neck cancer survivors. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study included 20 patients treated with RT (10 patients) or CRT (10 patients) for head and neck cancer. Nine healthy volunteers were included as control subjects. Cytochalasin B-blocked(More)
Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN) which is characterized by the detachment of the epidermis from the dermis is a rare (1.89/1.000.000 annually) and potentially life-threatening condition. The overall mortality is 20 - 30%. TEN is characterized by sudden apoptosis of keratinocytes leading to mucous membrane erosions and epidermal detachment; detachment of(More)
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