Tuan Trung Nguyen

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In this paper we propose to investigate the concept of robustness of combining operations in fuzzy systems. We use a concept similar to modulus of continuity in approximation theory to characterize robustness of fuzzy logic connectives. Speciically, it is shown that min and max are the most robust &? and _?operations. 1. INTRODUCTION In the majority of(More)
In real life, the degrees of certainty that correspond to one of the same expert can diier drastically, and fuzzy control algoirthms translate these diierent degrees of uncertainty into diierent control strategies. In such situation, it is reasonable to choose a fuzzy control methodology that is the least vulnerable to this kind of uncertainty. We show that(More)
Die Online-Fachbuchhandlung beck-shop.de ist spezialisiert auf Fachbücher, insbesondere Recht, Steuern und Wirtschaft. Im Sortiment finden Sie alle Medien (Bücher, Zeitschriften, CDs, eBooks, etc.) aller Verlage. Ergänzt wird das Programm durch Services wie Neuerscheinungsdienst oder Zusammenstellungen von Büchern zu Sonderpreisen. Der Shop führt mehr als 8(More)
Traditional data mining techniques mainly deal with a search for patterns in traditional-type databases, where data consists of numbers and words. In many application areas, however, data is more complicated: real-life data often comes not as a result of measuring a few quantities, but rather as an image from a camera, and this image can also change(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the importance of early initiation of and exclusive breastfeeding, prelacteal feeds continue to pose a barrier to optimal breastfeeding practices in several countries, including Vietnam. This study examined the factors associated with prelacteal feeding among Vietnamese mothers. METHODS Data from 6068 mother-child (<6 m) dyads were(More)