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This specification defines the features and syntax for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), a language for describing two-dimensional vector and mixed vector/raster graphics in XML. The SVG working group has been using a staged approach. Initially, the working group developed an detailed set of SVG Requirements, which are listed in SVG Requirements. These(More)
This paper proposes a feature-oriented approach for Web services customization that can address three key challenges: reducing complexity, automated validation and dynamic deployment. We exploit techniques from Software Product Line (SPL) domain, particularly feature modeling techniques, to design our framework. Feature modeling allows to abstract(More)
A single-instance multi-tenant (SIMT) SaaS application enables a SaaS provider to achieve economies of scale through runtime sharing. However, runtime sharing can make tenant-specific variations difficult to achieve in such an application. In this paper, we propose an approach to realizing SIMT SaaS applications, which is based on Dynamic Software Product(More)
Femtocell is expected to overcome drawbacks of cellular wireless communications in indoor environments. Recently, effective deployment of femtocell networks inside high speed moving vehicles is an interesting topic for researchers. In this paper, we propose a novel handover scheme utilizing coordinated multiple point transmission (CoMP) in high speed moving(More)
Due to differences in consumer requirements, a Web service usually has multiple service variants for use in different business contexts. In such situations, delivering customizable services helps increase efficiency not only in service description and publication but also in service consumption. However, existing approaches for providing customizable(More)
MAGED1, NECDIN and MAGEL2 are members of the MAGE gene family. The latter two of these genes have been involved in Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS), which includes hyperphagia, repetitive and compulsive behaviors, and cognitive impairment. Here, we show that Maged1-deficient mice develop progressive obesity associated with hyperphagia and reduced motor activity.(More)
Estimating the number of distinct values is a fundamental problem in database that has attracted extensive research over the past two decades, due to its wide applications (especially in the Internet). Many algorithms have been proposed via sampling or sketching for obtaining statistical estimates that only require limited computing and memory resources.(More)
One challenge in the context-aware environment is to detect users' presence in a natural way and to process such information in order to provide suitable services for users. This paper introduces PlaceSense, an application using bluetooth technology, building on top of the Place-based Virtual Community architecture that can detect users presence for(More)