Tuan Kiang Chiew

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Audio signal is an important clue for the situation awareness. It provides complementary information for video signal. For home care, elder care, and security application, screaming is one of the events people (family member, care giver, and security guard) are especially interested in. We present here an approach to scream detection, using both analytic(More)
In H.264 video coding, there are a substantial number of 4x4 blocks becoming all-zeros after transformation and quantization. This is a waste of computational resources because these skipped blocks do not require forward transform and quantization. We proposed a very effective early detection of fast skipped block detections based on the theoretical(More)
This paper describes in detail the various low level optimization techniques for implementing the H.264/AVC video encoding on the TI TMS320DM642 DSP platform. Optimization speedup performance of 5.25 times faster is achieved. A complete AVC encoding and RTSP streaming server system is also developed on the same platform, which is capable of serving live(More)
This paper describes the optimization techniques of implementing the H.264/AVC HD video encoding on the TI TMS320DM648 DSP platform. Real-time encoding and streaming at 25 fps can be achieved for 720p HD video. The advances in capabilities of DM648 over the DM642 are studied and highlighted with performance comparisons. Utilization of these enhancements(More)
The paper describes a fast MPEG-2 to H.264 transcoder by leveraging the MPEG-2 metadata set to reduce the computational complexity of the H.264 encoding process. With the proposed fast transcoding algorithms, our software-based transcoder can perform real-time transcoding a MPEG-2 movie from a DVD disc (at D1 resolution and full frame-rate) and(More)
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