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The nitrocatechol derivatives tolcapone (1) and entacapone (2), used as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, were investigated for their potential to inhibit the tau-derived-hexapeptide 306VQIVYK311. They were compared to small molecules that contain similar pharmacophores including the catechol derivatives (dopamine 3 and epinephrine(More)
We propose a new remote multimodal biometric authentication framework based on fragile watermarking for transferring multi-biometrics over networks to server for authentication. A facial image is used as a container to embed other numeric biometrics features. The proposed framework enhances security and reduces bandwidths. In order to reduce error rates(More)
Mitochondrial inner membrane uncoupling proteins (UCPs) facilitate transmembrane (TM) proton flux and consequently reduce the membrane potential and ATP production. It has been proposed that the three neuronal human UCPs (UCP2, UCP4 and UCP5) in the central nervous system (CNS) play significant roles in reducing cellular oxidative stress. However, the(More)
The Arabidopsis thaliana protein atTic20 is a key component of the protein import machinery at the inner envelope membrane of chloroplasts. As a component of the TIC complex, it is believed to form a preprotein-conducting channel across the inner membrane. We report a method for producing large amounts of recombinant atTic20 using a codon-optimized strain(More)
This paper proposes a general aggregate model for improving performance of multi-class Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) systems. In BCI systems, activation and delay are well known issues in conducting experiments. The delay of meaningful brain signal depends on subjects, tasks and experimental design. Therefore, within a trial it is not easy to identify(More)
Standard Genetic Programming operators are highly disruptive, with the con-comitant risk that it may be difficult to converge to an optimal structure. The Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG) formalism provides a more flexible Genetic Programming tree representation which supports a wide range of operators while retaining the advantages of tree-based(More)
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