Tuan-Dung Cao

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We first describe a multi-agent system managing a corporate memory in the form of a corporate semantic web. We then focus on a newly introduced society of agents in charge of wrapping external HTML documents that are relevant to the activities of the organization, by extracting semantic Web annotations using tailored XSLT templates. Organizations are(More)
Currently, in the field of technology monitoring, it is very important to be able to get relevant information from heterogeneous sources, especially on the World Wide Web. The coming of Semantic Web technologies promises intelligent retrieval and access to information through the use of semantic annotations based on ontologies. In a scenario of technology(More)
In last decade, we witness a significant increase in performance of mobile devices. In parallel, the growth of online data and services available on the Web make it become more and more emerging as a gold mine for the tourist guide application. With the inherent mobility and the widely supported Internet connectivity, tourist guide applications on smart(More)
The growth of online data and services on the Web make it become more and more emerging as an indispensable tool of traveling for the tourist industry. It is not denied that various approaches bring benefits for visitors in supporting them of searching tourist attractions, such us interested places for the visit, eating or staying. However, like a coin has(More)
The entity type is considered as very important in DBpedia. Since this information is inconsistently described in different languages, it is difficult to recognize the most suitable type of an entity. We propose a method to predict the entity type based on a novel conformity measure. We combine the consideration of the specific-level and the majority(More)
In recent years, the botnet phenomenon is one of the most dangerous threat to Internet security, which supports a wide range of criminal activities, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, click fraud, phishing, malware distribution, spam emails, etc. An increasing number of botnets use Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs) to avoid detection(More)
Nowadays, Linked Open Data (LOD) has grown rapidly to become large open datasets defined by RDF standards. Thanks to development of Data Web, the information on LOD is increasingly deeper, larger and easier to link in multi-domains, constituting the Linked Open Data cloud. Recently end-users applications using linked data sources as background knowledge(More)