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Texture features extraction algorithms are key functions in various image processing applications such as medical images, remote sensing, and content-based image retrieval. The most common way to extract texture features is the use of Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrices (GLCMs). The GLCM contains the second-order statistical information of spatial(More)
— The emergence of RFID applications has huge influence to become pervasive in modern life. However the vulnerability of the transmission through the air and the unique identification number of RFID tag are the drawbacks that impact the popularity of RFID technology. In this paper, a mutual authentication protocol is proposed based on the challenge –(More)
This paper introduces a library which supports programmers to write parallel programs on GPU architecture, especially with a system consisting of multi-GPUs. The library is designed from the idea of skeletons, which helps us to make parallel programs easily and quickly as if writing sequential programs. Skeletons usually are described by functional language(More)
Business process modeling has become a popular method for improving organizational efficiency and quality. Automatic validation of process models is one of the most valuable features of modeling tools, in face of the increasing complexity of enterprise business processes and the richness of modeling languages. This paper proposes a formal language,(More)
In this paper, we propose principled weight learning algorithms for Markov logic networks that can easily scale to much larger datasets and application domains than existing algorithms. The main idea in our approach is to use approximate counting techniques to substantially reduce the complexity of the most computation intensive sub-step in weight learning:(More)
The semantic geometric crossover (SGX) proposed by Moraglio et al. has achieved very promising results and received great attention from researchers, but has a significant disadvantage in the exponential growth in size of the solutions. We propose a crossover operator named subtree semantic geometric crossover (SSGX), with the aim of addressing this issue.(More)
The early detection of flaws and errors has become a significant feature of a business process modeling tool. This paper proposes an ontology-based approach for business process compliance checking. The business processes and the business rules are represented in a machine understandable form, a reasoner is used to reason on this knowledge base for(More)
Ubiquitous computing has been getting deployed into many applications in daily life. However, one of the difficulties to make it reliable is the lack of security. The constraints of area and power are the challenges for the cryptographic algorithms to be implemented. In this paper, the implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption(More)
Business process compliance has become more and more important function for business process management (BPM). One of challenges in this area is to check the business process compliance in the business process life-cycle (design-time, run-time). In this paper, we propose a description logic-based approach for business process compliance checking during two(More)
In order to ensure a workflow to be executed correctly, many approaches were introduced. But not many of them consider the semantic correctness of the workflow in the design time and the run time. In this paper, a solution to check the semantic correctness of the workflow automatically is presented. To do that, the workflow must be represented in a machine(More)