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The principal objective of this study was to determine the optimal liquid culture conditions in shake flasks for maximal sporulation of Beauveria bassiana. The optimal initial pH for the spore production of B. bassiana using Potato Dextrose Broth was 5.2. The screening in shake flasks of carbon and nitrogen sources resulted in the identification of an(More)
Finding the outline of an object in an image is a fundamental step in many vision-based applications. It is important to demonstrate that the segmentation found accurately represents the contour of the object in the image. The discrepancy measure model for segmentation analysis focuses on selecting an appropriate discrepancy measure to compute a score that(More)
Empirical scoring functions used in protein-ligand docking calculations are typically trained on a dataset of complexes with known affinities with the aim of generalizing across different docking applications. We report a novel method of scoring-function optimization that supports the use of additional information to constrain scoring function parameters,(More)
Analyses of biomedical images often rely on demarcat-ing the boundaries of biological structures (segmentation). While numerous approaches are adopted to address the segmentation problem including collecting annotations from domain-experts and automated algorithms, the lack of comparative benchmarking makes it challenging to determine the current(More)
INTRODUCTION Improving patient identification (ID), by using two identifiers, is a Joint Commission safety goal. Appropriate identifiers include name, date of birth (DOB), or medical record number (MRN). OBJECTIVES The objectives were to determine the frequency of verifying patient ID during computerized provider order entry (CPOE). METHODS This was a(More)
Spores of Aspergillus sp. SU14 were treated repeatedly and sequentially with Co(60) γ-rays, ultraviolet irradiation, and N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine. One selected mutant strain, Aspergillus sp. SU14-M15, produced cellulase in a yield 2.2-fold exceeding that of the wild type. Optimal conditions for the production of cellulase by the mutant fungal(More)
— The emergence of RFID applications has huge influence to become pervasive in modern life. However the vulnerability of the transmission through the air and the unique identification number of RFID tag are the drawbacks that impact the popularity of RFID technology. In this paper, a mutual authentication protocol is proposed based on the challenge –(More)
A fungal strain producing a high level of cellulase was selected from 320 fungal isolates and identified as Aspergillus sp. This strain was further improved for cellulase production by sequential treatments by two repeated rounds of γ-irradiation of Co(60), ultraviolet treatment and four repeated rounds of treatment with(More)
Motivation – The complex nature of health care processes requires new methods for describing, capturing and improving these processes. Research approach – We deployed a novel combination of methods-formal process modeling using a language called Little-JIL, simulations with embedded errors, observations, and eye tracking technology-to gauge how health care(More)
The epitaxial growth of graphene on catalytically active metallic surfaces via chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is known to be one of the most reliable routes toward high-quality large-area graphene. This CVD-grown graphene is generally coupled to its metallic support resulting in a modification of its intrinsic properties. Growth on oxides is a promising(More)