Tuami Lasri

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An accurate technique for six-port reflectometers calibration is presented in this paper. The method based on a spatial Fourier analysis incorporates nonlinearity and mismatching effects as a part of the calibration procedure. The technique makes use of impedance data distributed on the whole Smith chart to increase the measurement accuracy. A(More)
This paper presents two new structures for four-port-based systems with ultrawide operating bandwidth, using a combination of power dividers and delay lines. The prototype circuits, initially conceived to operate in the frequency band from 1 to 4 GHz, are fabricated to validate these new architectures by means of a hybrid integrated-circuit technology.(More)
This paper presents an overview of recent developments of millimeter-wave six-port technology dedicated to wireless sensing applications. In particular, complete solutions with features such as low cost, low-power consumption, compactness, robustness and ease of use are described. Radar and imaging applications are experimentally demonstrated to validate(More)
A V-band forward network analyzer based on a modified six-port technique is proposed for the measurement of complex reflection (S<sub>11</sub>) and transmission (S<sub>21</sub>) coefficients. The millimeter-wave part of the system is implemented on a thin alumina ceramic substrate. The measurement performance is evaluated by comparing the results obtained(More)
In this paper, a tunable filter using ferroelectric capacitor is described. The interdigitated capacitor (IDC) is based on Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) thin-film. After the material and capacitor characterization in microwave frequency domain, the IDC has been introduced in a hairpin filter. The characterization of the filter exhibits a center frequency(More)