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The quality of a software system highly depends on its architectural design. High quality software systems typically apply expert design experience which has been captured as design patterns. As demonstrated solutions to recurring problems, design patterns help to reuse expert experience in software system design. They have been extensively applied in(More)
Architecture and design patterns, as demonstrated solutions to recurring problems, have proved practically important and useful in the process of software development. They have been extensively applied in industry. Discovering the instances of architecture and design patterns from the source code of software systems can assist the understanding of the(More)
—The Semantic Web is the second generation of the Web, which helps sharing and reusing data across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. Ontology defines a set of representational primitives with which a domain of knowledge is modeled. The main purpose of the Semantic Web and ontology is to integrate heterogeneous data and enable(More)
Design pattern describes a recurring problem and its common solution, which usually is in abstract form. The application of design pattern requires coding the generic solution. It is necessary to assure the coding process correctly implements not only the structure but also the desired behavior of the design pattern. This problem is called implementation(More)
Software security becomes a critically important issue for software development when more and more malicious attacks explore the security holes in software systems. To avoid security problems, a large software system design may reuse good security solutions by applying security patterns. Security patterns document expert solutions to common security(More)
Design patterns capture expert design experience in generic design structure and behavior. To reuse design experience, a design pattern needs to be instantiated from its generic template to the application design in a particular context. It can be integrated with other patterns to solve multiple design problems. The instantiation and integration of design(More)