Tu-Chun Yin

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Track 2 in KDD Cup 2013 aims at determining duplicated authors in a data set from Microsoft Academic Search. This type of problems appears in many large-scale applications that compile information from different sources. This paper describes our solution developed at National Taiwan University to win the first prize of the competition. We propose an(More)
The track 1 problem in KDD Cup 2013 is to discriminate between papers confirmed by the given authors from the other deleted papers. This paper describes the winning solution of team National Taiwan University for track 1 of KDD Cup 2013. First, we conduct the feature engineering to transform the various provided text information into 97 features. Second, we(More)
This paper presents an error-resilient MPEG-4 video communication system. The system comprises an error-resilient encoder, an adaptive error-resilient transcoder, an error-resilient decoder and the PLBP encoderidecoder. It has been evaluated under a configurable network error simulator. In addition, the system integrates the error resilience tools defined(More)
One of the main purposes of a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system is to reduce the workload of the radiologists in identifying potential diseases. However, such system can become unreliable and useless if it produces even only a small amount of false negatives, since a misclassification of any unhealthy patient as healthy can result in the delay of(More)
We present an efficient MPEG-4-based interactive player for PDA-like embedded devices in this paper. Our system can receive media from various sources, then decompress and compose them in an object-oriented manner. Embedded devices such as PDA usually have limited computational resources, memory size, power budgets, and multimedia capabilities. To overcome(More)
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