Tsz Lim Wong

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A high frequency solution of the electromagnetic field produced by a circular surface coil adjacent to a homogeneous conducting, dielectric sphere is used to predict the attainable signal to noise ratio (S/N) and specific absorption rate (SAR) for in vivo 1H NMR spectroscopy experiments from 200 to 430 MHz (4.7-10 T). Above 200 MHz the S/N increases more(More)
Differences of less than 20 sec of visual angle in the separation of a pair of closely spaced parallel lines can be reliably detected. This ability is known as a hyperacuity because the thresholds are smaller than the diameter of one foveal cone. It is shown that this ability does not require a stationary pattern. Indeed, correlated horizontal jitter of the(More)
The eyes are in continuous motion. A robust system required to make spatial separation judgments should be resistant to the positional noise produced by such movements. Two parallel lines have been jittered horizontally in order to assess the impact of stimulus movement on the retina. Jitter that maintains the separation between the two lines has minimal(More)
Ultrathin ZnSe nanowires grown by Au-catalyzed molecular-beam epitaxy show an interesting growth behavior of diameter-dependence of growth rates. The smaller the nanowire diameter, the faster is its growth rate. This growth behavior is totally different from that of the nanowires with diameters greater than 60 nm and can not be interpreted by the classical(More)
Based on the principle of laser-feedback interferometry (LFI), a laser-feedback microscope (LFM) has been constructed capable of providing an axial (z) resolution of a target surface topography of approximately 1 nm and a lateral (x,y) resolution of approximately 200 nm when used with a high-numerical-aperture oil-immersion microscope objective. LFI is a(More)
Empirical evidence shows that there is a close link between regime shifts and business cycle fluctuations. A standard term structure of interest rates, such as the Cox, Ingersoll, and Ross (1985; CIR) model, is sharply rejected in the Treasury bond data. Only Markov regime-switching models on the entire yield curve of the Treasury bond data can account for(More)
Nickel plated copper heat spreader acts as a medium to dissipate heat from silicon die towards heat-sink. Electroless nickel plating requires catalytic activation before the nickel can be deposited onto copper. Different catalytic activation techniques such as galvanic initiation and thin nickel-copper electrodeposition have diverse impact on the thermal(More)
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