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While much work has been done in investigating determinants of oil spillage attributed to vessel accidents, little research has been conducted on the effectiveness of ship hull design in reducing marine pollution. This paper addresses whether the double-hull requirement reduces vessel-accident oil spillage. The volume of oil spillage due to oil-cargo vessel(More)
Container ports are a major component of international trade and the global supply chain. Hence, the improvement of port efficiency can have a significant impact on the wider maritime economy. This paper deconstructs a representation in the existing literature that neglects the heterogeneity of individual and group-specific terminal operators. In its place,(More)
In this paper, we point out some deficiencies in a recent paper (Lee and Kim in J. Nonlinear Convex Anal. 13:599–614, 2012), and we establish strong du-ality and converse duality theorems for two types of nondifferentiable higher-order symmetric duals multiobjective programming involving cones. Keywords Multiobjective programming · Higher-order Mond–Weir(More)
Improving port efficiency can therefore have a significant impact on the whole maritime economy. Recognizing this fact, many governments have consistently prioritized the ports as a central element of infrastructure to promote regional economic growth. This paper treats container terminal operators as the Decision Making Unit, which represents a divergence(More)
This paper investigates determinants of crew and passenger injuries in passenger vessel accidents. Crew and passenger injury equations are estimated for ferry, ocean cruise, and river cruise vessel accidents, utilizing detailed data of individual vessel accidents that were investigated by the U.S. Coast Guard during the time period 2001-2008. The estimation(More)
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