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The palmaris longus tendon is the most frequently harvested tendon for reconstructive plastic and hand surgical procedures. A question patients often ask is whether loss of the palmaris longus will result in any functional deficit. In order to answer this question, the presence or absence of the palmaris longus muscle was clinically determined in 418 normal(More)
We report 2 patients with haemodynamic instability secondary to minimally displaced pubic rami fractures following a fall. Both complained of pain and swelling in the abdomen and groin, and had abdominal distension and bruising in the abdomen, groin, and perineum. All these may be early signs of severe vascular injury and should be treated promptly. Both(More)
Three Chinese patients suffered from severe lumbar spinal stenosis with debilitating symptoms due to a rare condition of ligamentum flavum cysts in the midline of the lumbar spine. This disease is distinct from synovial cyst of the facet joints or ganglion cysts, both intraoperatively and histopathologically. Magnetic Resonance imaging features of the(More)
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