Tsz Cheung Lee

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Influenza seasons appear consistently in the temperate regions, but are more variable in tropical/subtropical regions. The determinant for such variation remains poorly understood. This study documented the activity of influenza over a 10-year period in Hong Kong; examining its association with changes in temperature and relative humidity. The two types of(More)
Although cases of community-acquired Legionnaires' disease have been epidemiologically linked to residential water supplies, the risk of acquiring Legionnaires' disease from exposure to Legionella pneumophila in residential water systems is uncertain. The residential water supplies of 218 members of the American Legion in six different geographical areas in(More)
We compared the growth of 28 Legionella spp. on four manufacturers' buffered charcoal-yeast extract (BCYE) agar media and selective BCYE media that contained polymyxin B, anisomycin, and vancomycin or cefamandole. With BCYE as a "gold standard," growth for Legionella pneumophila was significantly better than for the nonpneumophila species on all media(More)
Fifty-five homes in the Pittsburgh area were surveyed for the presence of Legionella pneumophila colonization. Hot water tanks, faucets, and showerheads were sampled. Six homes yielded Legionella pneumophila within the water distribution system. Lower water temperatures (less than 48.8 degrees C) within the hot water system were significantly associated(More)
Information on respiratory viruses in subtropical region is limited.Incidence, mortality, and seasonality of influenza (Flu) A/B, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), adenovirus (ADV), and parainfluenza viruses (PIV) 1/2/3 in hospitalized patients were assessed over a 15-year period (1998-2012) in Hong Kong.Male predominance and laterally transversed J-shaped(More)
OBJECTIVES To elucidate the epidemiology of widespread ciprofloxacin resistance in our Veterans Affairs medical center using whole cell DNA analysis. DESIGN In vitro study of ciprofloxacin resistant and susceptible Enterobacteriaceae isolated during the course of a clinical epidemiologic study of quinolone resistance. SETTING Veterans Affairs Medical(More)
Rotavirus is a leading cause of severe infectious diarrhea in infants and young children aged <5 years. Rotavirus infections have minimal to strong seasonality depending on geographical locations. In this study, a comprehensive retrospective analysis was performed to evaluate the association between rotavirus admission and multiple key meteorological(More)
It is believed that extreme hot and cold weather has a negative impact on general health conditions. Much research focuses on mortality, but there is relatively little community health research. This study is aimed at identifying high-risk groups who are sensitive to extreme weather conditions, in particular, very hot and cold days, through an analysis of(More)
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