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The users of Cloud Service Providers (CSP) often motivate their choice of providers based on criteria such as the offered service level agreements (SLA) and costs, and also recently based on security aspects (i.e., due to regulatory compliance). Unfortunately, it is quite uncommon for a CSP to specify the security levels associated with their services,(More)
Physically co-located virtual machines should be securely isolated from one another, as well as from the underlying layers in a virtualized environment. In particular the virtualized environment is supposed to guarantee the impossibility of an adversary to attack a virtual machine e.g., by exploiting a side-channel stemming from the usage of shared physical(More)
A virtualized environment (VE) is expected to provide secure logical isolation across the co-located tenants encapsulated in the virtual machines. In particular the VE should prevent covert-channels exploitation stemming from the usage of shared resources. However, as sophisticated covert-and side-channel attacks exist, the logical isolation in a VE is(More)
The railway domain is a complex critical infras-tructure (CI) linking communication and control elements, and susceptible to multiple security threats similar to thoseencountered by industrial control systems. However, protectingmodern railway signalling systems is a challenging task giventhe rigorous human safety standards that must be adhered towhile(More)