Tsuyoshi Sugibuchi

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In this paper, we propose a new user interface to interactively specify Web wrappers to extract relational information from Web documents. In this study, we focused on improving user's trial-and-error repetitions for constructing a wrapper. Our approach is a combination of a light-weight wrapper construction method and the dynamic previewing interface which(More)
This paper proposes a new visualization and reification framework for the integrated interactive access and reuse of both database records and Web contents including services. Our framework has integrated the database visualization and reification framework and the Web application wrapping framework. The Web application wrapping framework allows users to(More)
With the advent of the Web, the traditional concept of library has undergone a profound change: from a collection of physical information resources (mostly books) to a collection of digital resources. In addition, the notion of digital resource includes not only texts in digital form, but also, in general, any kind of multimedia resources. In a traditional(More)
This paper presents specialized methods for analyzing knowledge creation processes and knowledge practices that are (at least partially) projected in work within a virtual collaborative environment. Support for such analysis and evaluation of knowledge creation processes is provided by historical data stored in a virtual working environment, and describes(More)
We present a novel approach to the design of schemas appropriate for data analysis; we call such schemas “analysis contexts”. Roughly speaking, an analysis context is a set of paths with common origin, in which the nodes are attributes and the edges are functional dependencies. Our main contributions are (a) an algorithm for generating all analysis contexts(More)
Nowadays the research topics of science and technology are diversified and segmented into more and more categories. The number of interdisciplinary research topics has also increased. With increasingly sophisticated research on science and technology, there is a growing need for interdisciplinary and international availability, distribution and exchange of(More)
We propose a framework for analyzing information visualization (infovis) based on the concept of Functional Dependency (FD). Although functional dependencies express important semantic information of data, they are rarely taken into account by general purpose infovis tools -- a fact that may cause problems in the visualization process. The main idea of our(More)