Tsuyoshi Oono

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Cell migration is a fundamental biological process involving membrane polarization and cytoskeletal dynamics, both of which are regulated by Rho family GTPases. Among these molecules, Rac is crucial for generating the actin-rich lamellipodial protrusion, a principal part of the driving force for movement. The CDM family proteins, Caenorhabditis elegans(More)
Organ-specific autoimmune diseases have been postulated to be the result of T cell response against organ-specific self-peptides bound to MHC molecules. Contrary to this paradigm, we report here that transgenic mice lacking MHC class I expression and expressing an MHC class II I-A(b) molecule that presents only a single peptide (E alpha 52-68) spontaneously(More)
T cell differentiation in the thymus is driven by positive selection through the interaction of alphabeta T cell receptors (TCRs) with self-peptides bound to self-major histocompatibility complex molecules, yet the influence of the peptide sequence on this process remains unknown. To address this issue, we have compared CD4(+) T cell differentiation between(More)
to be abnormal in cases of undescended testis (Table 1). The oestrogen-treated fetal mouse has been a standard model for undescended testis work for some years. Dr Hadziselimovic describes the morphological anomalies as undescended epididymis, either unilateral or bilateral, and a shortened, under-developed epididymal anlage where the Wolffian duct failed(More)
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