Tsuyoshi Matsumoto

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Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH)-induced cerebral vasospasm causes serious neurological morbidity and mortality mainly because of the absence of effective treatment. Therefore, we reviewed the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of the cerebral vasospasm based on the experimental data in the two-hemorrhage canine model. The characteristic feature(More)
Aquaporin-1 (AQP1), a water channel protein, has been shown to play an important role in tumor growth and angiogenesis in mouse endothelial cells. We recently reported that the expression of AQP1 mRNA was induced in cultured human retinal vascular endothelial cells (HRVECs) under hypoxia. In the present study, HRVECs were cultured under normoxia or hypoxia(More)
Homocitrate is a component of the iron-molybdenum cofactor in nitrogenase, where nitrogen fixation occurs. NifV, which encodes homocitrate synthase (HCS), has been identified from various diazotrophs but is not present in most rhizobial species that perform efficient nitrogen fixation only in symbiotic association with legumes. Here we show that the FEN1(More)
The trinuclear nickel complex [{Ni(dadt(Et))}(2)Ni](NiBr(4)) (dadt(Et) = N,N'-diethyl-3,7-diazanonane-1,9-dithiolate) (1a), prepared by the reaction of Ni(dadt(Et)) and Ni(EtOH)(4)Br(2), was found to serve as a useful synthetic precursor of various dinuclear nickel complexes modeling the active site of acetyl-CoA synthase (ACS). The reactions of 1a with 4(More)
Insulin secretion by pancreatic islets is a multicellular process. In addition to other essential systems, gap junctions are an important component of cell-to-cell communication in pancreatic islets. It is well known that dysfunction of gap junctions causes inappropriate insulin secretion. The anti-ulcer agent, irsogladine, increases gap junctions in some(More)
A dinuclear nickel complex with methyl and thiolate ligands, Ni(dadt(Et))Ni(Me)(SDmp) (2), has been synthesized as a dinuclear Ni(d)-Ni(p)-site model of acetyl-CoA synthase (ACS) (dadt(Et) is N,N'-diethyl-3,7-diazanonane-1,9-dithiolate; Dmp is 2,6-dimesitylphenyl). Complex 2 was prepared via 2 methods: (i) ligand substitution of a dinuclear Ni(II)-Ni(II)(More)
The syntheses and characterization of two new porphyrin-based metal-organic frameworks (P-MOFs), through the complexation of 5,10,15,20-tetra-4-pyridyl-21 H,23 H-porphine (H2 TPyP) and copper(II) acetate (CuAcO) in the presence of the fullerenes C60 or C70 are reported. Complex 1 was synthesized in conjunction with C60 , and this reaction produced a(More)