Tsuyoshi Makino

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Our newly synthesized delta-(S-methylisothioureido)-L-norvaline (L-MIN) was shown to have potent inhibitory effects on Ca(2+)-dependent and constitutively expressed neuronal nitric oxide synthase (type I NOS) when compared to other commonly recognized NOS inhibitors and produced an IC50 value of 5.7 nM. By contrast, this compound exhibited more than 40-fold(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To improve the efficacy and safety of tolerance induction for food allergies, identifying the tissues responsible for inducing intestinal inflammation and subsequent oral tolerance is important. We used OVA23-3 mice, which express an ovalbumin-specific T-cell receptor, to elucidate the roles of local and systemic immune tissues in(More)
L6f ro th et al. [8] eva l ua t ed t he a lky la t ing p r o p e r t y of Dichlorvos b y s t a n d a r d m e a s u r e m e n t s of t h e r eac t ion ra tes be tween Dichlorvos a n d a series of nucleophi les w i t h di f ferent affinit ies. T h e resu l t s showed t h a t Dich lorvos h a s a lky la t ing r eac t iv i t y over a r ange in wh ich biological(More)
The present study attempted to explore the newly synthesized phosphoproteins secreted by osteoblastlike cells and fibroblasts from rat pup calvaria and skin. The phosphoproteins, which are non-collagenous proteins, are posttranslationally phosphorylated by the kinases and secreted into the extracellular matrix and medium in the osteoblast-like cell and(More)
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