Tsuyoshi Kodama

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This paper describes a modeling and analyzing method for batch sequential control systems by using colored Petri net (CPN) model. For this purpose, we propose systematic procedures to create CPN model from a various information based on ISA S88, i.e., master recipe, equipment information and batch schedule. To examine the effectiveness of the proposed(More)
Cyberworlds of intentional design, as well as those emerging spontaneously, are forming on the Web. A novel information model called the cellular model can model objects and their relations in Cyberworlds from general to specific based on the incrementally modular abstraction hierarchy. We have previously developed a processing system called the Cellular(More)
Knowledge as information has been on ever evolving local and global digital media, basically networked, as digital spaces named ldquocyberspacesrdquo. Cyberworlds are built in such spaces, running crucial activities in our life, including e-business, e-manufacturing, e-education, e-financing, electronic arts and music. The cellular data system (CDS) that we(More)
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