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We present high-speed operation of pin-diode-based silicon Mach-Zehnder modulators that have side-wall gratings on both sides of the waveguide core. The use of pre-emphasis signals generated with a finite impulse response digital filter was examined in the frequency domain to show how the filter works for different filter parameter sets. In large signal(More)
We achieved 50-Gb/s operation of a ring-resonator-based silicon modulator for the first time. The pin-diode phase shifter, which consists of a side-wall-grating waveguide, was loaded into the ring resonator. The forward-biased operation mode was applied, which exhibited a V(π)L as small as 0.28 V · cm at 25 GHz. The driving voltage and optical insertion(More)
We report superior spectral characteristics of silicon-nanowire-based 5th-order coupled resonator optical waveguides (CROW) fabricated by 193-nm ArF-immersion lithography process on a 300-mm silicon-on-insulator wafer. We theoretically analyze spectral characteristics, considering random phase errors caused by micro fabrication process. It will be(More)
Silicon optical interposers for inter-chip interconnects, integrated with lasers, an optical splitter, optical modulators and germanium photodetectors on a single silicon substrate were demonstrated. A 12.5-Gbps error-free data transmission and 6.6-Tbps/cm 2 transmission density were achieved.
One of the most serious issues in information industries is the bandwidth bottleneck in inter-chip interconnects. We propose a photonics-electronics convergence system to solve this issue. We fabricated a high density optical interposer to demonstrate the feasibility of the system by using silicon photonics integrated with an arrayed laser diode, an optical(More)
We report good phase controllability and high production yield in Si-nanowire-based multistage delayed Mach-Zehnder interferometer-type optical multiplexers/demultiplexers (MUX/DeMUX) fabricated by an ArF-immersion lithography process on a 300 mm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer. Three kinds of devices fabricated in this work exhibit clear 1×4 Ch wavelength(More)
We report on a high speed silicon-waveguide-integrated PIN Ge photodetector of 45 GHz bandwidth, and a high efficiency of 0.3 V·cm silicon optical modulator with a metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) junction by applying the low optical loss and high conductivity poly-silicon gate. These OE/EO devices enable low drive voltage of around 1V, which would(More)
High-performance Silicon photonics platform based on an advanced Si CMOS technology is a key to produce low-power integrated photonic chips for the optical interconnect in data transmission. The state-of-the-art Silicon photonics technology has been developed by using 40 nm CMOS technology. Key features are highly reproducible optical devices and(More)
Waveguide integrated MSM (metal-semiconductor-metal) Germanium (Ge) photodetectors (PDs) with a SiGe capping layer were exploited for silicon photonics integration. Under optimized epitaxial growth conditions, the capping layer passivated the Ge surface, resulting in sufficiently low dark current of the PDs. In addition, the PDs exhibited a narrower(More)