Tsuyoshi Horikawa

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We report a Ge-on-Si photodetector without doped Ge or Ge-metal contacts. Despite the simplified fabrication process, the device shows a responsivity of 1.14 A/W at −4 V reverse bias and 1.44 A/W at −12V, at 1550 nm wavelength. Dark current is less than 1µA under both bias conditions. We also demonstrate open eye diagrams at 40Gb/s. A single adiabatic(More)
We report a hybrid integrated external cavity, multi-wavelength laser for high-capacity data transmission operating near 1310 nm. This is the first demonstration of a single cavity multi-wavelength laser in silicon to our knowledge. The device consists of a quantum dot reflective semiconductor optical amplifier and a silicon-on-insulator chip with a Sagnac(More)
SUMMARY One of the most serious challenges facing the exponential performance growth in the information industry is a bandwidth bottleneck in inter-chip interconnects. We therefore propose a photonics-electronics convergence system with a silicon optical interposer. We examined integration between photonics and electronics and integration between light(More)
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