Tsuyoshi Chawanya

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A neural network model for explaining experimentally observed neuronal responses in cat primary visual cortex is proposed. In our model, the basic functional unit is an orientation column which is represented by a large homogeneous population of neurons modeled as integrate-and-fire type excitable elements. The orientation column exhibits spontaneous(More)
We consider the effect of microscopic external noise on the collective motion of a globally coupled map in fully desynchronized states. Without the external noise a macroscopic variable shows high-dimensional chaos distinguishable from random motions. With the increase of external noise intensity, the collective motion is successively simplified. The number(More)
Population dynamics in random ecological networks are investigated by analyzing a simple deterministic equation. It is found that a sequence of abrupt changes of populations punctuating quiescent states characterize the long time behavior. An asymptotic analysis is developed by introducing a log-scaled time, and it is shown that such a dynamical process(More)
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