Tsuyoshi Aoki

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BACKGROUND Injection force requirements for four insulin pen-type injection devices were evaluated using the AGS-IkNG Autograph force measurement device (Shimadzu Corp., Kyoto, Japan). RESULTS Compared with the Humulin Pen (the Japanese brand name is Humacart kit; the same device as the Humalog Pen; Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN), HumaPen Ergo (Eli Lilly),(More)
Subkutane Einspritzung von Kalium- oder Natriumzyanid in die Zehenballen der Katze führt über einen Axonreflex zu merklichem Schwitzen. Dieser Effekt von Kaliumzyanid wird durch Procain und Atropin gehemmt, nicht aber durch Hexamethonium. Auch beim Menschen ruft intrakutan eingeführtes Natriumzyanid eine entsprechende Schweissabsonderung hervor.
In the near future, an improvement in the performance and integration of servers (for example blade servers) will cause an increase in the amount of data to be transferred in places where a data connection is required. Furthermore, the data rate of transmission is growing to 25 Gb/s. These will increase the interconnect bandwidth in servers to around the 10(More)
The evaluation of high-voltage groundwall insulation aged under long-term operating conditions is addressed using three sets of Roebel bars removed from large hydrogenerators after several decades of service. To cover an important cross-section of the possible operating regimes for typical hydros, the units involved in the study were selected to represent(More)
Top-up operation allows SPring-8 to provide highly stable X-ray beams with arbitrary filling patterns. The implementation of top-up operation is described, with a focus on the simultaneous achievement of stability of stored current, beam orbit, purity of an isolated single bunch, and beam injection efficiency. Stored-current fluctuations have been routinely(More)
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