Tsuyohito Ito

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Theoperation andperformance of amicro-Hall thruster are characterized.The thruster is coaxial in design,with a 0.5 mm channel width and 4 mm outer diameter. The magnetic circuit includes a samarium cobalt permanent magnet generating approximately 0.7 T at the exit plane and 1 T inside the channel. Operation with a commercial hollow cathode neutralizer is(More)
The discharge initiation mechanism of nanosecond dielectric barrier discharges in open air has been clarified with time-dependent measurement of the discharge electric field by electric-field-induced coherent Raman scattering and optical emission. Our experimental observations have revealed that, in the prebreakdown phase of a nanosecond dielectric barrier(More)
We present high speed images from E × B discharges in microscale magnetically confined plasmas. The images depict strong and highly ordered drift waves and underlying smaller scale turbulence near the plasma edge, with characteristic length scales larger than the electron cyclotron radius. The phase velocity of the large-scale disturbances is in agreement(More)
This paper reports on measurements of the ion energy distribution (IED) at the cathode of an argon dc microdischarge using energy-resolved molecular beam mass spectrometry. The measurements are conducted at a fixed pressure-electrode separation product (pd) of 1 cm Torr with a maximum discharge pressure of 20 Torr. The measured IED is compared to the theory(More)
Direct measurements and Monte Carlo simulations of the energy distribution of energetic neutrals incident onto the cathode of a dc glow discharge are presented. The measurements are performed by time-of-flight analysis of neutrals escaping through a cathode orifice. The experimental results are found to be in good agreement with Monte Carlo simulations. It(More)
The operation and performance characterization of a micro Hall thruster is presented. The thruster is co-axial in design, with a 0.5 mm channel width and 4 mm outer diameter. The magnetic circuit includes a SmCo permanent magnet generating approximately 0.7 T at the exit plane and 1 T in the channel. Operation with a hollow cathode neutralizer is achieved(More)
A magnetized microdischarge plasma is generated at low pressure with planar electrodes and a non-uniform magnetic field configuration causing closed E×B electron drift. Stable generation with a 1 mm electrode gap has been achieved in 0.5–55 Torr of argon. The breakdown voltage curve is found to have two local minima, the lower of which is believed to be(More)
Trajectories of self-sustained laboratory ball lightning, generated by arc discharges with silicon, are investigated for understanding the possibility of buoyant flight. Extremely low apparent densities are found, nearly approaching that of standard air. The freely buoyant balls are observed to survive for about 0.1 s, with significantly buoyant balls(More)
ZnO nanomaterials with controlled size, shape and surface chemistry are required for applications in diverse areas, such as optoelectronics, photocatalysis, biomedicine and so on. Here, we report on ZnO nanostructures with rod-like and spherical shapes prepared via laser ablation in liquid using a laser with millisecond-long pulses. By changing laser(More)
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