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The conventional SRAMs, namely four-transistor SRAM (4T) and six-transistor SRAM (6T), suffered from the external noise, because they have direct paths through bit-line(BL) to their storage nodes. This paper proposes seven-transistor (7T) SRAM which has no direct path through BL to the data storage nodes and has higher endurance against external noise. The(More)
A 4-phase cross-coupled charge pump with charge sharing clock scheme is proposed in this paper. Four phase clock is utilized to prevent the reverse leakage current. A charge sharing clock control circuit is constructed, and the consumption in charging or discharging the bottom plate parasitic capacitance of the boost capacitors is reduced by half. The(More)
A charge sharing clock scheme is proposed to feed a 5-stage double charge pump circuit. By reusing the charges in charging or discharging the parasitic capacitance during the pumping process, dynamic power loss is able to be reduced by nearly a half. Under 1V supply, simulation results show a maximum 10% efficiency increase, and the ripple noise is also(More)
NAND Flash memory is widely used in recent SoCs. High density NAND Flash requires Error Correcting Code (ECC) mechanism to guarantee data integrity. We propose an efficient ECC model which decrease multi bit errors by considering the Flash memory's characteristic. According to the Flash memory mechanism, 0's error is more likely to happen than 1's error.(More)