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Local structure analysis of YSZ by Y-89 MAS-NMR
Abstract The local coordination structure around Yttrium ions in yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) has been investigated by 89Y MAS-NMR. The NMR spectrum showed multiple peaks corresponding to yttriumExpand
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Proton dynamics of CsH2PO4 studied by quasi-elastic neutron scattering and PFG-NMR
Abstract To illuminate ionic conduction behavior of super protonic phase of CsH 2 PO 4 (CDP), quasi-elastic neutron scattering (QENS), pulse field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance (PFG-NMR) and 1Expand
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Viscosity of molten silicon and the factors affecting measurement
Abstract Viscosity of molten silicon has been measured to study the behavior, especially around the melting point, in order to supply useful information for the crystal growth of semiconductors. TheExpand
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Enhanced lithium ion conduction and the size effect on interfacial phase in Li2ZnI4-mesoporous alumina composite electrolyte
Abstract The enhancement of lithium ion conductivity was observed for the composite type electrolyte based on Li 2 ZnI 4 and sol–gel synthesized mesoporous-Al 2 O 3 with controlled pore size (2–10Expand
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Viscosities of Fe Ni, Fe Co and Ni Co binary melts
Viscosities of three binary molten alloys consisting of the iron group elements, Fe, Ni and Co, have been measured by using an oscillating cup viscometer over the entire composition range fromExpand
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R&D of a MW-class solid-target for a spallation neutron source
Abstract R&D for a MW-class solid target composed of tungsten was undertaken to produce a pulsed intense neutron source for a future neutron scattering-facility. In order to solve the corrosion ofExpand
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Whisker-Like Goethite Nanoparticles Containing Cobalt Synthesized in a Wet Process ∗
Acicular α-FeOOH particles are formed through aging of ferric oxyhydroxide colloidal solution formed by the neutralization of FeCl 3 aqueous solution by NaOH. The effects of cobalt ion addition inExpand
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