Tsutomu Watanabe

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A land surface model (LSM), minimal advanced treatments of surface interaction and runoff (MATSIRO), has been developed for climate studies at the global and regional scales. The canopy has a single layer, whose albedo and bulk coefficients are evaluated on the basis of a multilayer canopy model. The fluxes are calculated from the energy balance at the(More)
Official price indexes, such as the CPI, are imperfect indicators of inflation calculated using ad hoc price formulae different from the theoretically well-founded inflation indexes favored by economists. This paper provides the first estimate of how accurately the CPI informs us about “true” inflation. We use the largest price and quantity dataset ever(More)
In recent years many Shigellae isolated from human cases of dysentery in Japan have been found to be resistant to more than two of the drugs streptomycin (Sm), chloramphenicol (Cm), tetracycline (Tc), and sulfonamide (Su) (Ochiai, 1959). Indeed, approximately 10% of the Shigellae isolated in Japan in 1959 were found to be resistant to all the drugs listed.(More)
WATANABE, TSUTOMU (Keio University, Tokyo, Japan), TOSHIYA TAKANO, TosHIHIKO ARAI, HIROSHI NIsHIDA, AND SACHIKO SATO. Episome-mediated transfer of drug resistance in Enterobacteriaceae. X. Restriction and modification of phages by fi R factors. J. Bacteriol. 92:477-486. 1966.-An fi R factor, which restricts phages X, TI, and T7 without modifying them, was(More)
We conducted business cycle accounting (BCA) using the method developed by Chari, Kehoe, and McGrattan (2002a) on data from the 1980s—1990s in Japan and from the interwar period in Japan and the United States. The contribution of this paper is twofold. First, we find that labor wedges may have been a major contributor to the decade-long recession in the(More)
Why was the Japanese consumer price index for rents so stable even during the period of the housing bubble in the 1980s? To address this question, we use a unique micro price dataset which we have compiled from individual listings (or transactions) in a widely circulated real estate advertisement magazine. This dataset contains more than 700 thousand(More)
Tumor cell contamination of stem cell products can contribute to tumor relapse following high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell rescue. Numerous techniques have been used to remove the tumor cells from stem cell products with the objective of prolonging relapse-free survival. However, to date these techniques have been relatively ineffectual and/or toxic to(More)
In this study, we investigate interfirm networks by employing a unique dataset containing information on more than 800,000 Japanese firms, about half of all corporate firms currently operating in Japan. First, we find that the number of relationships, measured by the indegree, has a fat tail distribution, implying that there exist “hub” firms with a large(More)
The views in this paper are solely the responsibility of the authors and should not be interpreted as reflecting the views of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco or the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Miyao for their helpful comments; and Shuichi Uemura for his administrative help, especially in conducting the RIETI survey. Abstract(More)