Tsutomu Tashiro

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This paper describes a Model Predictive Control (MPC) design for the thermal management of cabin heat in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs). Due to the augmented complexity of the energy flow in recent energy-efficient vehicles in comparison to conventional vehicles, control degrees of freedom are increased, as many components can achieve the same(More)
In this paper, vehicle steering control following target trajectory by MPC (Model Predictive Control) is proposed. First, vehicle turning characteristic is modeled. Here, the model is mainly composed of vehicle rotation model and steering model. Next, MPC controller is derived from quadratic cost function. This controller instructs vehicle rotation radius(More)
We discuss the hadroproduction of charmed mesons in the framework of the constituent cascade model taking into account the valence quark annihilation. It is shown that the small valence quark annihilation process dominates the leading particle production at large Feynman x and explains the recent experimental data on the asymmetry between D0 and D̄0 at 350(More)
We discuss the hadroproductions of Λc, Λ̄c,D and D̄ in the framework of the constituent quarkdiquark cascade model taking into account the valence quark annihilation. The spectra of Λc and Λ̄c in pA,Σ−A and π−A collisions are well explained by the model using the values of parameters used in hadroproductions of D and D̄. It is shown that the role of valence(More)
We investigate the meson, baryon and anti-baryon productions in πp and Kp collisions in terms of a constituent cascade model which includes charm flavour. The constituent diquark in an incident baryon has a tendency to get a large momentum fraction, resulting in considerable difference of subenergies for particle productions from quark-diquark and(More)
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