Tsutomu Tanzawa

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The frequency drift of an open-loop PLL is an issue for direct modulation applications such as Bluetooth transceivers. The drift mainly comes from the temperature variation of the VCO during the TX operation. In this paper, we propose the optimum location of the VCO, considering the temperature gradient through full-chip thermal analysis. Moreover, a novel(More)
This paper introduces a visual communication system that integrates images displayed on a shared screen and people in front of the screen using depth information obtained from a stereo camera. Conventional video conferencing systems convey PC screen contents and video of local and remote participants in different channels, making interactions among them(More)
We have been developing floor polishing robots, which have two rotary brush polishers. These omnidirectional mobile robots require no driving for locomotion and steering because the friction between the floor and rotating brushes is used as the driving force. The localization for these robots cannot be used dead reckoning because water and washing liquid(More)
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