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—This paper presents a design method of easily testable AND-EXOR networks. It is an improvement of Reddy and Saluja-Reddy's methods, and has the following features: 1) The network uses generalized Reed-Muller expressions (GRMs) instead of Positive Polarity Reed-Muller expressions (PPRMs). The average number of products for GRMs is less than half of that for(More)
In some cases, minimum Sum-Of-Products (SOP) expressions of Boolean functions can be derived by detecting decomposition and observing the functional properties such as unateness, instead of applying the classical minimization algorithms. This paper presents a systematic study of such situations and develops a divide-and-conquer algorithm for SOP(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, we propose a compact representation of logic functions using Multi-valued Decision Diagrams (MDDs) called heterogeneous MDDs. In a heterogeneous MDD, each variable may take a different domain. By partitioning binary input variables and representing each partition as a single multi-valued variable, we can produce a heterogeneous MDD(More)
—This paper proposes an architecture and a synthesis method for high-speed computation of fixed-point numerical functions such as trigonometric, logarithmic, sigmoidal, square root, and combinations of these functions. Our architecture is based on the lookup table (LUT) cascade, which results in a significant reduction in circuit complexity compared to(More)
This paper shows four different methods to evaluate multiple-output logic functions using decision diagrams: SBDD, MTBDD, BDD for characteristic functions (CF), and BDDs for ECFNs (Encoded Characteristic Function for Non-zero outputs). Methods to compute average evaluation time for each type of decision diagrams are presented. By experimental analysis using(More)
— The availability of large, inexpensive memory has made it possible to realize numerical functions, such as the reciprocal, square root, and trigonometric functions, using a look-up table. This is much faster than by software. However, a naive look-up method requires unreasonably large memory. In this paper, we show the use of a look-up table (LUT) cascade(More)
This paper shows a method to represent a multiple-output function: Encoded characteristic function for non-zero outputs (ECFN). The ECFN uses (n + u) binary variables to represent an n-input m-output function, where u = dlog 2 me. The size of the sum-of-products expressions (SOPs) depends on the encoding method of the outputs. For some class of functions,(More)
This paper presents an efficient technique for solving a Boolean matching problem in cell-library binding, where the number of cells in the library is large. As a basis of the Boolean matching, we use the notion NP-representative (NPR); two functions have the same NPR if one can be obtained from the other by a permutation and/or complementation(s) of the(More)