Tsutomu Sakakura

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Nodular scleroderma is a rare variant of the disease, whose pathogenesis is uncertain. Tenascin is a recently cloned extracellular matrix protein which is thought to be a marker for tissue remodelling. To further investigate the pathogenesis of nodular scleroderma, we have followed up a case of this disease and studied tenascin expression in the nodular(More)
In ENU induced rat glioma model, the location of tumor is unpredictable and serial observation of neoplastic changes in a single lesion is not possible. We induced neoplastic transformation of cultured type-I astrocyte (AS-l) by exposure to ENU and observed the morphological changes of them. Since the importance of p53 alteration is stressed in human glial(More)
PURPOSE To elucidate the mechanism underlying thrombocytopenia during the acute phase of exanthem subitum (ES), the associated hematological findings were investigated. PATIENTS AND METHODS Five infants with thrombocytopenia during the acute phase of ES serologically confirmed by primary human herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) were examined and followed-up. RESULTS(More)
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