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Gap junctions are intercellular channels which mediate the traffic of ions and a variety of molecular messengers between contiguous cells. Here, we report on the possibility that atypical gap junctions develop between heterologous tissues, such as regenerating nerve axons and Schwann cells, during peripheral nerve regeneration in adult rats. After a(More)
In recent years, advances in optical imaging methods have facilitated the visualization of events in the developing cortex. In particular, the introduction of DNA encoding fluorescent protein into cells of the embryonic brain allows the visualization of progenitor cells; slice preparations of the cortex then allow the monitoring of the behavior of(More)
We report here that during PNS regeneration, short focal tight junctions are present at the interface of regenerating axons and Schwann cells in the distal part of the transected nerve. When regrowing axons were seen in the distal segment, focal fusions of axonal and Schwann cell membranes were observed on electron microscopy. Freeze-fracture study showed(More)
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