Tsutomu Kasuga

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This communication reviews the clinical and pathological features of coronary artery lesions in Takayasu arteritis. The incidence of coronary artery involvement has been reported to be 9% to 10%, and is observed mainly in autopsy cases because coronary artery disease is usually not evident until the occurrence of angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, or(More)
Normal oesophagus specimens taken from 65 autopsy cases and surgical specimens from 127 oesophageal carcinoma cases were examined histopathologically to determine melanocyte incidence and distribution. Melanocytes were found in the epithelio-stromal junction in 7.7% of normal oesophagus specimens examined at autopsy, and in 29.9% of surgical cases with(More)
Adventitial cystic degeneration of the popliteal artery is seldom encountered; only 39 cases have been reported up to now in Japan. The pathogenesis of this disease remains controversial, and the authors describe a case in which the pathological findings differed from cases reported in the previous literature. The subject was a 74-year-old man admitted to(More)
Foci of stromal melanocytes (FSM) of the uterine cervix have been known as extra-cutaneous “blue naevus”. However macroscopic and histological findings suggest that FSM of the cervix are analogous to dermal melanocytosis, rather than to cutaneous blue naevus and the lesions are more appropriately called stromal melanocytosis. FSM of the cervix have been(More)
Dual-energy subtraction digital tomosynthesis with pulsed X-ray and rapid kV switching was used to examine calcifications in pulmonary lesions. The digital tomosynthesis system used included a conventional fluororadiographic TV unit with linear tomographic capabilities, a high resolution video camera, and an image processing unit. Low-voltage, high-voltage,(More)
Stromal melanocytic foci (SMF) of the uterine cervix, which are known as extracutaneous blue nevus, were examined in step sections of the cervix. A total of 189 uterine specimens surgically excised for leiomyoma, adenomyosis etc., were studied. The over-all incidence of SMF of the cervix was 28.6% (54/189 cases). The incidence of these lesions increased(More)
The incidence of atypical bronchioloalveolar cell hyperplasia (ABH) of the lung was investigated to evaluate the possiblity of this lesion being a precancerous stage in the histogenesis of adenocarcinoma. Lobectomy and pneumonectomy specimens of 165 primary and 45 metastatic tumour cases were step-sectioned horizontally and examined histologically. An(More)
Conventional tomography has been criticized for its low contrast caused by scattered radiation and tomographic blur. The authors developed a digital tomosynthesis system as a substitute for conventional tomography. With the image processor in the system, two types of postprocessing can be performed to improve the quality of synthesized tomograms.(More)
A 6-wk exposure to excess iodide intake (EII) via drinking water (260 mg potassium iodide/L) demonstrated different effects on growing (4-wk old) and nongrowing (45-wk old) male Fischer-344 rats. In growing rats, EII induced a significant increase in thyroid weight, pituitary weight, serum thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), and thyroxine (T4). The labeling(More)