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This paper proposes a frame queuing algorithm to improve scalability and manageability for the quality of service (QoS) guaranteed wireless LAN (WLAN) access point (AP) using a simple mechanism. The IEEE 802.11e standard can be used as QoS-guarantee technology in the existing WLAN communication. However, if a lot of terminals access the same AP such as in a(More)
This paper evaluates the influence of communication characteristics on server processing load. In future ubiquitous communication environments, terminal-initiated communications will become more popularized than human-initiated communications like current Internet communications. The tiny terminal having a short-range wireless communication method like a(More)
Timing-and constraint-oriented placement procedures are proposed to reduce design time and cost. These goals are (1) optimizing the intra and inter LSI delays, (2) observance of several electrical constraints such as simultaneous switching, and (3) high precision and high speed delay calculation. Hierarchical pin assignment, timing-driven placement, and(More)
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