Tsutomu Itoh

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Vibrational-rotational properties of CH(4) adsorbed on the nanopores of single-wall carbon nanohorns (SWCNHs) at 105-140 K were investigated using IR spectroscopy. The difference vibrational-rotational bands of the ν(3) and ν(4) modes below 130 K show suppression of the P and R branches, while the Q branches remain. The widths of the Q branches are much(More)
Yields of protons emitted in the D + D reaction in Pd and PdO thick targets were measured for bombarding energies between 2.5 and 10 keV. The obtained yields were compared with those predicted by using the parameterization of cross sections at higher energies. It was found that both of the yields for Pd and PdO are surprisingly larger than the prediction.(More)
For the practical use of activated carbon (AC) as an adsorbent of CH(4) , tightly packed monoliths with high microporosity are supposed to be one of the best morphologies in terms of storage capacity per apparent volume of the adsorbent material. However, monolith-type ACs may cause diffusion obstacles in adsorption processes owing to their necked pore(More)
In this paper we present the results of an in-depth analysis of the problem of Gaussian beam excitation of optical fibers at normal incidence. The method entails the application of the continuity conditions at the interface located at the fiber end using Gaussian beams with different spot sizes as our excitation source. Next, the simultaneous set of(More)
A new modelling-aided approach for the atomistic model of single walled carbon nanohorn (SWNH) creation is presented, based on experimental evidence, on realistic potential of carbon-carbon interactions and on molecular simulations. A new model of SWNHs is next used to predict Ar adsorption properties and to check the molecular fundamentals of the(More)
A hydrophobic tetrapodal molecule is composed of carbazole units at the periphery linked by a phenyl spacer on an adamantane core. Tetrapodal adamantane self-assembles into hollow spherical aggregates with a multilayer membrane in organic media. The spherical assembly size is dependent on the organic solvent used. Hollow spheres can entrap guest molecules(More)
Two adamantane-based oxacyclophanes were synthesized by the SNAr reaction of bis-phenol derivatives based on adamantane with 2,6-dichloropyrazine. Their crystal structures had distorted or twisted 1,3-alternate conformations. The oxacyclophanes indicated no formation of spherical aggregates in acetone. However, addition of water into the solution caused the(More)
In order to know the relationship among some elements in biological materials, iodine, bromine and chlorine concentrations in cow's milk samples in Japan were determined by the thermal neutron activation analysis using a low power research reactor and a Van de Graaff accelerator. The iodine contents in cow's milk samples ranged from 0.041 to 0.316 ppm with(More)