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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to produce a simplified questionnaire for evaluation of the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). METHODS A total of 124 patients with an endoscopic diagnosis of GERD completed a 50-part questionnaire, requiring only "yes" or "no" answers, that covered various symptoms related to the upper(More)
A novel method and a framework called Memory-Based Forecasting are proposed to forecast complex and time-varying natural patterns with the goal of supporting ex-perts' decision making. This paper targets the local precipitation phenomena captured as echo patterns in weather radar images, and aims to realize a tool that supports weather forecasters. In our(More)
SUMMARY A novel method is proposed to retrieve image sequences with the goal of forecasting complex and time-varying natural patterns. To that end, we introduce a framework called Memory-Based Forecasting; it provides forecast information based on the temporal development of past retrieved sequences. This paper targets the radar echo patterns in weather(More)
This paper proposes the “Substitute Interface” to utilize the flat surfaces of objects around us as part of an ad hoc mobile device. The substitute interface is established by the combination of wearable devices such as a head-mounted display with camera and a ring-type microphone. The camera recognizes which object the user intends to employ. When the user(More)
Authentication methods with password, PIN, face recognition, and fingerprint identification have widely been used, however these methods have problems of difficulty in one-handed operation, vulnerability to shoulder hacking, and illegal access using fingerprint with super glue or facial portrait. Prom viewpoint of usability and safety, strong and(More)