Tsung-Yu Ho

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This paper presents an 8.69 Mvertices/s, 278 Mpixels/s, 15.7 mm<sup>2</sup> tiled-based 3D graphics SoC HW/SW supporting OpenGL ES 1.0 running at 139 MHz. The SoC also includes embedded circuitry to monitor run time characteristics, detect bus protocol error/inefficiency, and capture bus traces at various abstraction levels with compression ratio up to 98%.
This paper presents an embedded debugging/performance monitoring engine (EDPME), which is capable of collect run time characteristics, detect AHB on-chip bus protocol error/inefficiency, and capture on-chip AHB bus traces at various abstraction levels with compression ratio up to 98% for a low cost tile-based 3D graphics SoC development.
This paper addresses the linehaul-feeder vehicle routing problem with virtual depots and time windows LFVRPTW. Small and large vehicles deliver services to customers within time constraints ; small vehicles en route may reload commodities from either the physical depot or from the larger vehicle at a virtual depot before continuing onward. A two-stage(More)
This work proposes a test function to study overlapping. The test function provides full controllability over overlapping. To achieve full controllability, the building block assigning problem is reduced to a bipartite matching problem which allow us to directly assign extent of overlapping to each gene. At the end, an experiment on overlapping shows that(More)
Borrelia garinii spirochete was detected for the first time in Ixodes ovatus tick ectoparasitized on stray cat in Taiwan. The genetic identity of this detected spirochete was determined by analyzing the gene sequence amplified by genospecies-specific polymerase chain reaction assays based on the 5S-23S intergenic spacer amplicon (rrf-rrl) and outer surface(More)
In order to solve the system performance bottleneck of a 3D graphics acceleration SoC, we exploit design space exploration on performance evaluation and benchmark characteristics using SystemC. We find out the bottleneck according to the simulation results of 9 hardware/software configurations and find out the tradeoffs between different configurations. The(More)
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