Tsung-Yi Wu

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(a) (b) (c) (d) Figure 1: An overview of image-based BRDF acquisition. (a) An object of arbitrary shape that we will capture the BRDF from. (b) A real photograph of cloth. (c) A synthetic image of the same cloth, but applied with the BRDF captured from (a). (d) A synthetic image under another lighting condition. Abstract In order to create photorealistic(More)
—Data hazards cause severe pipeline performance degradation for data-intensive computing processes. To improve the performance under a pessimistic assumption on the pipeline efficiency, a high-speed and energy-efficient VLSBM is proposed that successively performs a speculating and correcting phase. To reduce the critical path, the VLSBM partial products(More)
In a typical synchronous SoC design, a huge peak current often occurs near the time of an active clock edge because of aggregate switching of a large number of transistors. The number of aggregate switching transistors can be lessened if the SoC design can use a clock scheme of mixed rising and falling triggering edges rather than one of pure rising(More)