Tsung-Yi Tsai

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A 2×VDD I/O buffer with process and voltage (PV) compensation technique is proposed. In this research, the purpose of slew-rate compensation is to maintain slew rate (SR) within predefined ranges regardless PV variations. The reason of temperature variation is not considered is that it is found to be a relatively low correlation factor to slew rate for 90(More)
Proxy servers are widespread to be adopted in network applications. Applying proxies over wireless networks not only uses the cached data efficiently but also improves transmission quality effectively. However, if a mobile node (MN) keeps changing its location and getting streaming service simultaneously, it is unreasonable that the MN connects to the same(More)
As the CMOS technology advancing rapidly, it becomes urgent to find a solution toward the suppress of rising leakage current. In recent researches, the optimization of MOS length was reported to decrease 30% subthreshold leakage current at the sacrifice of only several percent dynamic power and active area. Besides, Dual-Vth method was proposed to(More)
This brief presents a wide-range temperature sensor with process compensation and nonlinear calibration for HV chip thermal monitoring. Due to a high supply voltage and a large current, HV chips are prone to overheating; thus, they require on-chip temperature sensors to monitor thermal variation. The voltage difference between the drain and source voltages(More)
This paper proposes a 40-nm CMOS <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$2 \times {\mathrm{ VDD}}$ </tex-math></inline-formula> buffer with slew rate (SR) variation compensated and dynamic leakage reduction during signal transitions. By using the dual variation detectors, five process corners for both nMOS and pMOS could be detected. Thus, the SR(More)
This paper presents a highly sensitive flexural plate-wave (FPW)-based microsystem for rapid detection of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in human urine. First, a circular-type interdigital transducer (IDT) was integrated with a circular-type silicon-grooved reflective grating structure (RGS) to reduce insertion loss. Then, with lower insertion loss (-38.758(More)
This paper presents a temperature detector with process compensation and non-linear calibration for battery management systems (BMS) with HV ESD protection. The proposed temperature detector attains process compensation and calibration by using the proposed CTAT and PTAT sensors. The proposed temperature detector must be protected using HV ESD protection in(More)