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Monodisperse lipid nanodiscs are particularly suitable for characterizing membrane protein in near-native environment. To study the lipid-composition dependence of photocycle kinetics of bacteriorhodopsin (bR), transient absorption spectroscopy was utilized to monitor the evolution of the photocycle intermediates of bR reconstituted in nanodiscs composed of(More)
In this paper, we present a new fuzzy assessment method to tackle the rate of aggregative risk in fuzzy circumstances by fuzzy sets theory during any phase of the software development life cycle. Because the proposed method directly uses the fuzzy numbers rather than the linguistic values to evaluate, it can be executed much faster than before. The proposed(More)
Traditional sampling survey via questionnaire is difficult in reflecting interviewee's incomplete and uncertain thought. Therefore, if we can use fuzzy sense of sampling to express the degree of interviewee's feelings based on his own concept, the result will be closer to interviewee's real thought. In this study, we propose a model with the linear order(More)
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