Tsung-Yeh Yang

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In this study, the gas-sensing properties of nanocrystalline TiO 2 are enhanced by submitting the sensor system to UV light irradiation. TiO 2 gas sensing material based on nanosized particles is produced by gas condensation method. The crystal structure and ceramic microstructure of the powders are determined by TEM and XRD. Structural and morphological(More)
Carbon storage regulator (CsrA) is a eubacterial RNA-binding protein that acts as a global regulator of many functionally diverse chromosomal genes. Here, we reveal that CsrA represses expression from an extrachromosomal element of Escherichia coli, the lysis gene (cel) of the ColE7 operon (cea-cei-cel). This operon and colicin expression are activated upon(More)
Carbon storage regulator A (CsrA) is an important regulator that controls central metabolic pathways and a variety of physiological functions. We found that disruption of csrA in cells containing the ColE7 operon caused a 12-fold increase in colicin E7 production. Moreover, real-time RT-PCR demonstrated a decrease of around 50 % in the lexA mRNA of the csrA(More)
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