Tsung-Shin Hsu

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BACKGROUND Taiwan became a World Health Organization-defined aging country in 1993, and it is estimated to become an aged country by 2017, surpassing Japan as the fastest aging country in the world. However, healthcare services in Taiwan need a wide range of improvements to cope with the challenges of population aging. METHODS Healthcare failure mode and(More)
Data-mining analysis has two important processes: searching for patterns and model construction. From previous works finding that the Mahalanobis–Taguchi System (MTS) algorithm is successful and effective for data-mining. Conventional research in searching for patterns and modeling in data-mining is typically in a static state. Studies using a dynamic(More)
This work presents a novel algorithm, the MTS algorithm, which offers the Mahalanobis Taguchi System (MTS) method for parameter selections which are adjusted under a product parameter design. The utility of the algorithm is assessed how individual product parameter dimensions are selected and it can be used to focus on design system (DS) and to identify(More)
This work presents a novel algorithm, the artificial neural network (ANN) algorithm, which can solve the parameter selections under a dynamic environment for product parameter design. The utility of the algorithm is assessed the ANN links parameters selection decisions across two different times and it can be used to focus on dynamic system design (DSD) and(More)
In a rapidly changing environment, competition among enterprises has a tendency towards competing between supply chain systems instead of competing between individual companies. Traditional scheduling models which only address the sequence of jobs to be processed at the production stage under some criteria are no longer suitable and should be extended to(More)
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In predicting time series, if a trend includes a structural break, then a state space model can be applied to revise the predictive method. Some scholars suggest that restricted damped trend models yield excellent prediction results by automatically revising unforeseen structural break factors in the prediction process. Restricted damped trend models add a(More)