Tsung-Kai Chao

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Reinforcement learning, a sub-area of machine learning, is a method of actively exploring feasible tactics and exploiting already known reward experiences in order to acquire a near-optimal policy. The Q-table of all state-action pairs forms the basis of policy of taking optimal action at each state. But an enormous amount of learning time is required for(More)
Scientific modeling is thought to help students understand the world and scientific phenomenon. Science laboratory in school should provide well-designed activities to promote students' model building skills. Thus, this study aims to propose microcomputer based labs with several data acquisition tools and a modeling tool, which can assist students to(More)
The learners of English as a second language generally need many practices on writing English, identification of the mistakes in their English, and feedback hints on how to correct their mistakes. A computer-assisted online system is designed to address these issues in a context of learning from a corpus of parallel English-Chinese corpus of New York Times(More)
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