Tsung-Jui Chung

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OBJECTIVE Although electrode size should be miniaturized to provide higher selectivity for neural signal recording and to avoid tissue damage, small sized electrodes induce high impedance, which decreases recording quality. In this work, the electrode surface was modified to increase the effective surface area to lower the electrode impedance and to improve(More)
do we know that the priority scheme is being en-forced? This is another purpose of the model: to see the performance impact of various arbitration schemes. The way we proceeded to test the arbitration components was to use the graphical simulator (ISIM). By stepping through each step with the graph-ical animator, the behavior of the arbitrator can be(More)
This study examined the task of plotting circles with two different compasses, CR1: the ruler used at school for visually impaired people and CR2: the new created ruler, to see the proper one. Four circle-drawing tasks were conducted between non-sighted people, 12 blindfolded subjects and 12 blind subjects. The tasks were: (1) center-point specified circle;(More)
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