Tsung-Ju Yang

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The frequencies of six platelet-specific antigens among Chinese in Taiwan are reported, which have not previously been well studied. HPA-1a (PlA1) antigen was positive in all 1100 Chinese tested. HPA-4b (Yukb) antigen was positive in all 100 persons tested. HPA-2b (Ko(a), Sib(a)) antigen was positive in 9 percent of 100 persons tested, HPA-3a (Bak(a)) in 77(More)
We report on two siblings who developed severe neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (NAIT) due to an alloantibody against a labile component or components of the HPA-3a (Baka) antigen. The antibody reacted only with fresh, unfixed platelets by the solid-phase red cell adherence test, immunofluorescence test and mixed passive haemagglutination test. In the(More)
With the online shopping market growing year by year, how to manage customer relationship has become an important issue for the online business industry. It is worth studying whether the relationship marketing theories of the past based on the physical channels are applicable to the Internet environment. This study establishes model to verify the impact of(More)
The rate constant for the NCN + NO 2 reaction has been measured by a laser photolysis/laser-induced fluorescence technique in the temperature range of 260-296 K at pressures between 100 and 500 Torr with He and N 2 as buffer gases. The NCN radical was produced from the photolysis of NCN 3 at 193 nm and monitored by laser-induced fluorescence with a dye(More)
Customer orientation behavior of frontline employees is an important issue in service industries. This research investigates 520 frontline employees of six life insurance companies in Taiwan. The researchers examine the relationships among job satisfaction, job involvement, job stress and customer orientation behaviors. The moderating roles of emotional(More)
OBJECTIVE The use of corticosteroid in Kawasaki disease (KD) remains controversial among current guidelines. The objective of this study is to summarize the effectiveness and safety of corticosteroid to prevent coronary arterial lesions in Kawasaki disease, both as initial and rescue therapy. METHODS The Medline, EMBASE, Google scholar, Cochrane Central(More)
Conventionally for wide workload range applications, to keep good stability and high efficiency, a switching converter with multi-mode operation is necessary. With the advanced digital signal processing, this work presents an asynchronous digital controller with dynamic power saving to achieve high power efficiency. The regulation is based on the constant(More)
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