Tsung Hung Chen

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Live Internet streaming can be regarded as a major current multimedia delivery mode. Efficient delivery under changing network conditions is a severe challenge in the design of live streaming systems. This study analyzes the key considerations and factors influencing live stream quality during system operations, and attempts to improve present P2P(More)
Conventional cryptography is a method of transforming message into an unreadable format called as cipher text. This cipher text can easily be shared over the network without fear but anyone can get message easily by applying key on cipher text. Sharing and delivering secret images over the network is also known as a visual secret sharing (VSS) scheme.(More)
During the learning process, sharing and participating is the important thing. Efficiently using the learning contents has been an active research topic in developing the educational material. It probes the environment of the learning process through Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM). Peer to Peer (P2P) technology seems to be the most well(More)
Recently, many research focused on the providing efficiency and the scalable multimedia on demand (MoD) services. However, not only resources requirements for content distribution, cost of content production, as well as the user's aptitude are different from the experience we got from cable TV but also the MoD specialties of the interactive and transmedia(More)
Recently, owing to the fast-developing of the Internet technology, the popularity of the digital devices and the enhancement of the people’s computer ability, therefore the demand of ubiquitous personal knowledge services has gradually been mature. People can use these services to collect information, solve problems and proceed e-learning. Therefore, how to(More)
With the fast development of technology and science, there come various changes and demands in consumer service market. The plan integrating "broadband network" with "application service" is potential and farsighted in network industry. Academic and technological institutes start researching and promoting the MOD (multimedia on demand) system, which(More)
This paper aims at providing a solution to optimum power flow (OPF) in considered power systems by using a flexible genetic algorithm (GA) model. The proposed approach finds the optimal setting of OPF control variables which include generator active output, generator bus voltages, transformer tap-setting and shunt devices with the objective function of(More)
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