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This paper presents a new car following system to track a preceding car and maintain a desired safe distance based on a laser imaging, detection, and ranging (LiDAR) sensor. The proposed system has the ability of lane change, including longitudinal and lateral control. To accomplish the car following sensing task, environment information provided by(More)
Extraocular muscle pareses in patients with Cushing syndrome are virtually always associated with a greatly enlarged pituitary tumor and with advancement on oculomotor nerves. The present report concerns a patient with a rapidly progressive adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)-dependent hyperadrenocorticism and sudden onset of an unilateral third nerve(More)
The intravenous injection of L-Dopa (15 mg/kg) to monkeys (Macaca mulatta) failed to alter plasma concentrations of ACTH and of 11-deoxy-cortisol. When cortisol synthesis was blocked with iv metyrapone, potentiation of ACTH secretion by L-Dopa became apparent. Simultaneous injection of L-Dopa and metyrapone resulted in a marked increase in plasma ACTH from(More)
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