Tsung-Han Yang

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BACKGROUND Previously, we identified a sequence variant (N375S) of c-Met gene, however, its association with lung cancer risk and prognosis remain undefined. PATIENTS AND METHODS We investigated the genotype distribution of the c-Met-N375S sequence variant in 206 lung cancer patients and 207 non-cancer controls in the Taiwanese population by DNA(More)
Is domain-general memory updating ability predictive of calculation skills or are such skills better predicted by the capacity for updating specifically numerical information? Here, we used multidigit mental multiplication (MMM) as a measure for calculating skill as this operation requires the accurate maintenance and updating of information in addition to(More)
The Department of Health of Executive Yuan in Taiwan (R.O.C.) is implementing a five-stage project entitled Electronic Medical Record (EMR) converting all health records from written to electronic form. Traditionally, physicians record patients’ symptoms, related examinations, and suggested treatments on paper medical records. Currently when implementing(More)
Bed-related situation monitoring is a crucial task in geriatric health-care. Due to shortage of qualified caregivers, automatic detection of the situation in a bedroom is desirable since risks may arise when an elder gets up from the bed alone. In addition, analyzing the total amount of care time of an elder is helpful when the social effect on the(More)