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Keeping a healthy and balanced diet has long been a critical issue for a person wanting to stay fit and energetic in her/his daily life. We can always turn to a dietitian (or a nutri-tionist) for professional diet suggestions if necessary. However, we cannot have a dietitian staying with us all the time, which renders daily nutrition control very(More)
Taiwan's rubella vaccination program was launched in 1986; each schoolgirl in the third grade of junior high school received one dose of rubella (RA 27/3) vaccine. We reviewed the results of 14,090 prenatal rubella tests for primiparas from three areas of Taiwan during 2002 to 2008 to investigate seronegativity rates and titer changes. In all primiparous(More)
Dengue viruses are mosquito-borne flaviviruses and may cause the life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome. Its envelope protein is responsible mainly for the virus attachment and entry to host cells. To identify the human cellular proteins interacting with the envelope protein of dengue virus serotype 2 inside host cells, we have(More)
BACKGROUND Previously, we identified a sequence variant (N375S) of c-Met gene, however, its association with lung cancer risk and prognosis remain undefined. PATIENTS AND METHODS We investigated the genotype distribution of the c-Met-N375S sequence variant in 206 lung cancer patients and 207 non-cancer controls in the Taiwanese population by DNA(More)
Among the 228 group B Streptococcus (GBS) isolates recovered in 2006 to 2008, higher resistance to erythromycin (58.3%) and clindamycin (57.9%) was found in isolates with certain resistance phenotypes. Serotype Ib isolates (24.6%) were the second most prevalent serotype, next to serotype V (29.4%), and showed the highest resistance rates to erythromycin(More)
Human activity is among the critical information for a context-aware energy saving system since knowing what activities are undertaken is important for judging if energy is well spent. Most of the prior works on energy saving do not make the best of context-awareness especially in a multiuser environment to assist the energy saving system. In addition, they(More)
This study investigated the role of chitosan in lipogenesis in high-fat diet-induced obese rats. The lipogenesis-associated genes and their upstream regulatory proteins were explored. Diet supplementation of chitosan efficiently decreased the increased weights in body, livers, and adipose tissues in high-fat diet-fed rats. Chitosan supplementation(More)
Energy saving has become an important issue in recent years due to the problems relating to energy shortage and global warming. However, most prior works in a domestic environment often ignore users' perception of the deployed technologies, let alone users' high-level contexts such as on-going activities and preferences. Without the high-level contexts, an(More)