Tsung-Han Yang

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Keeping a healthy and balanced diet has long been a critical issue for a person wanting to stay fit and energetic in her/his daily life. We can always turn to a dietitian (or a nutri-tionist) for professional diet suggestions if necessary. However, we cannot have a dietitian staying with us all the time, which renders daily nutrition control very(More)
Human activity is among the critical information for a context-aware energy saving system since knowing what activities are undertaken is important for judging if energy is well spent. Most of the prior works on energy saving do not make the best of context-awareness especially in a multiuser environment to assist the energy saving system. In addition, they(More)
BACKGROUND Previously, we identified a sequence variant (N375S) of c-Met gene, however, its association with lung cancer risk and prognosis remain undefined. PATIENTS AND METHODS We investigated the genotype distribution of the c-Met-N375S sequence variant in 206 lung cancer patients and 207 non-cancer controls in the Taiwanese population by DNA(More)
Energy saving has become an important issue in recent years due to the problems relating to energy shortage and global warming. However, most prior works in a domestic environment often ignore users' perception of the deployed technologies, let alone users' high-level contexts such as on-going activities and preferences. Without the high-level contexts, an(More)
(ABSTRACT) The growing demand for high-performance computing platforms has pushed the computing community to invent new architectures for processors. Recently, researchers have begun to solve the problem by the implementation of Field-Programming Gate Arrays (FPGAs). FPGAs make it possible to implement different applications on the same hardware.(More)
BACKGROUND Many natural products used in preventive medicine have also been developed as cosmeceutical ingredients in skin care products, such as Scutellaria baicalensis and Gardenia jasminoides. Norartocarpetin is one of the antioxidant and antityrosinase activity compound in Artocarpus communis; however, the cytotoxicity, skin irritation and(More)
Is domain-general memory updating ability predictive of calculation skills or are such skills better predicted by the capacity for updating specifically numerical information? Here, we used multidigit mental multiplication (MMM) as a measure for calculating skill as this operation requires the accurate maintenance and updating of information in addition to(More)