Tsung Chan Hou

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Wireless sensors have been proposed for use in structural health monitoring systems because they offer low-installation costs and automated data processing functionality. A wireless sensor prototype is described for use in large-scale civil structures situated in zones of high seismic activity. When networked together, the distributed computational(More)
Growing interest in smart structure technologies has motivated researchers to explore wireless sensor networks for structural monitoring applications. Wireless sensors offer significant cost savings and functionality enhancements compared to traditional cable-based monitoring technologies. First, wireless communication eradicates the need to undertake(More)
Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECCs) are novel cement-based ultraductile materials which is crack resistant and undergoes strain hardening when loaded in tension. In particular, the material is piezoresistive with changes in electrical resistance correlated with mechanical strain. The unique electrical properties of ECC render them a smart material(More)
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