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Surface and bulk acoustic waves in two-dimensional phononic crystal consisting of materials with general anisotropy
Successful application of photonic crystals has led recently to a rapidly growing interest in the analogous acoustic effects in periodic elastic structures called phononic crystals. This study isExpand
Propagation of acoustic waves in phononic-crystal plates and waveguides using a finite-difference time-domain method
Propagation of acoustic waves in a phononic-crystal plate and related waveguides are analyzed in this paper. A two-dimensional phononic-crystal plate consisting of circular steel cylinders which formExpand
Frequency band-gap measurement of two-dimensional air/silicon phononic crystals using layered slanted finger interdigital transducers
In this paper, we investigate the frequency band-gap features of micromachined air/silicon phononic band structures using layered slanted finger interdigital transducers (SFIT). In order to achieveExpand
Gradient-index phononic crystals
Received 30 October 2008; revised manuscript received 13 January 2009; published 18 March 2009We designed and characterized a two-dimensional, gradient-index phononic crystal GRIN PC to controltheExpand
Inverse Determination of Coupling of Modes Parameters of Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators
Extraction of coupling of modes (COM) parameters from the manufacturing process of a surface acoustic wave device (SAW) is important in practice. In this study, we employed an inverse algorithm toExpand
Evidence of complete band gap and resonances in a plate with periodic stubbed surface
In this paper, we numerically and experimentally demonstrate the existence of complete band gaps and resonances in a plate with a periodic stubbed surface. Numerical results show that a complete bandExpand
Propagation of surface acoustic waves through sharply bent two-dimensional phononic crystal waveguides using a finite-difference time-domain method
In this paper, we adopt the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method to analyze surface acoustic waves propagating in two-dimensional phononic waveguides. To implement the FDTD program for dealingExpand
Analysis of frequency response of a dispersive layered SAW filter using effective permittivity and coupling of modes model
This paper is an extension of the work by Wu and Chen (IEEE UFFC, 49 (1), 142, 2002) in which the COM model and the effective permittivity have been adopted to model the frequency response of aExpand
Actuating and detecting of microdroplet using slanted finger interdigital transducers
Using surface acoustic wave (SAW) to drive droplets on a piezoelectric chip is a distinctive microfluidic technique developed recently. In the previous research, uniform interdigital transducersExpand